Embedded system design services

The field of embedded firmware programming is growing rapidly due to its increased demand by SoC solutions. The most essential prerequisite for Internet of Things (IoT) embedded firmware programming to run smoothly is wide in-depth knowledge and experience in areas of hardware & software development, wireless communication standards and test methodologies. However, recruiting experts in this field is becoming a serious challenge nowadays because years of experience is required before these professionals become highly competent and ready to tackle more complex cases.

Radio Frequency (RF) hardware design consultancy

With numerous working experiences in the area of wireless communication development, we also offer engineering consultancy for Radio Frequency (RF) hardware design in 2G/3G, WiFi, BT, ZigBee, RF4CE standards.

Outsourcing engineering service

Short-term spikes in demand for experienced engineering resources is commonly seen in wireless embedded software development. In order to resolve these resource shortages without scarifying long-term engineering resource costs, the reach out for outsourcing engineering services can address both the demand of your project needs as well as limit on project budget.