March 17 2021: RFCOM Luggage Tracking and Management System becomes more popularly used in hotel industry. It is recently reported by Channel News Asia (CNA). In the future, we hope to see more hotels adopt this system.

0:20 LMS to check in luggage

1:00 LMS to claim luggage

The deployed Luggage Tracking and Management System is developed by RFCOM Technologies  in Singapore. This proven system improves hotel productivity (FTE) 0.28 & guest satisfaction with faster retrievals of guest luggage. It reduces operation cost through digitization of luggage storage information, which allows hotel to monitor storage trends and optimise resource allocation.

COVID-19 change the whole world affecting every one of us. Thanks to revamped Job Redesign Reskilling Programme. It really helps hotel to hug the new digital era by adopting new technology as like new affordable LMS system.