RFCOM Technologies has full capability to provide wireless communication solutions with developed cloud-ready RFCOM modem/module products. RFCOM is recognized as a regional partner for innovative IoT solutions to enrich and empower the lives of people through technologies in RFID, Blutooth, WiFi, 2G/3G/LTE-CAT-M1/NB1, PLC and etc.

Luggage Management System

RFCOM Luggage Management System (LMS) is innovated and fully developed by RFCOM Technologies Pte Ltd, used in hotel / hospitality application. This LMS system is adopted and deployed by leading hotels and hospitality of the world.

It offers the great advantage of improve in clients’ productivity and competitiveness, saving for cost of operation, security enhancement and high scalability.

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Asset Tracking System

A series of RFCOM modem/module products and backend system empower RFCOM Asset Tracking System more innovative and alterable in different use cases.

The cloud-ready products RTM3993 RFID UHF Reader Modem Board is able to detect passive tags in meters-distance. It provides the great potential to enhance user experience in shopping, inventory and events,

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Environmental Monitoring

By using RFCOM CPX3 PLC single/3-phase module, it is able to build a system at low cost and early stage. The communication data can be propagated through AC or DC power line. It is effective for wiring saving in building automation [HVAC, (air conditioning), Fire & Safety, building security, lighting] etc.

RTM96 LTE CAT-M1/NB1 module can enable better / wider coverage for network-connected devices, e.g. Electrical Meter, Environment Monitoring devices and etc.

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