Our Services

RFCOM Technologies offers services as an Independent Design House (IDH) in development of wireless systems, modems & modules for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. It requests in-depth knowledge and experience in areas of Radio Frequency (RF) hardware & software development, wireless communication standards and test methodologies.

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Our Products

RFCOM Technologies provides a series of products for IoT solutions in inventory tracking, healthcare, building automation and etc.

  • RTBTM01 Evaluation Kit is used for customer evaluate RTBTM01 BLE module performance as well as software development. By configuring proper interface to developing product, customer can easily use RTBTM01 evaluation kit to development end product's software and hardware performance.
  • RFCOM Humidity & Temperature sensor board is a low-cost, easy-to-use, highly accurate, pre-programmed sensor device. This sensor board is ideal for environmental sensing and data logging for building automation or air-conditioning control system. When customer plug in on-board PMOD interface, by pre-programmed on-board Renesas RL78/G12, as default you’ll have every 2-seconds relative humidity readings and very accurate temperature readings. There are only four pins One for Vcc, one for GND, and two data lines for UART communication. This humidity & temperature is directly plug & play with RFCOM PLC Baseboard Board.
  • RTBTM01 PMOD Breakout Board is designed to connect to the host controller as a plug-and-play BLE device through PMOD interface. This PMOD can support UART/SPI/I2C communication. The default setting is UART communication.
  • RFCOM PLC Baseboard is fully designed to suit both RFCOM PLC CPX3 Single-phase and 3-phase Modem Board. This baseboard provides the required voltage supply to PLC Modem Board as well as the interface expansion to the purpose of CPX3 PLC modem board development, connect peripherals interfaces, e.g. USB, UART. While RFCOM T&H sensor board plugs in the Baseboard via PMOD port, the PLC modem board could be quickly deployed on-site in Building Automation HTAV system. RFCOM PLC Baseboard is powered by either 220-240VAC or +5VDC. The single AC power supply feature allows user to eliminates the DC power adapter in real deployment. RFCOM PLC Baseboard is able to configure PLC operation +12V/+15V different voltage subject for better Signal-To-Ratio (SNR) enhancement. In addition, the on-board UART-to-USB converter, tester points and PMOD (UART/I2C) connector provides the easy adaptation of various off-the-shelf t sensors in the market.
  • Product Profile: RTGM0X series Universal GPRS Modem Board is able to perform GPRS communications interfacing Backend Server (HES) and user devices i.e. Electrical Meter, Environment Monitoring devices and etc. It has built-in algorithm and programmable parameters to meet various use cases requirement. It provides TCP/IP and UDP protocols and multiple TCP sockets can be configured and established at one time for TCP connections or UDP sockets. With its build in SMTP client, it could simultaneously send device’s data by email. The SMS feature provides another alternative communication path in some applications. Build-in AT Commands & Profiles give user extensively flexibility of parameter’s configuration ability in the application. RTGM0x GPRS Modem Board customizes compact physical slot-in design for Electrical Meter or other devices.
  • RTBTM01 is a Bluetooth low energy module based on Renesas MCU RL78/G1D Bluetooth® Low Energy Protocol Stack. It is among the lowest power consumption Bluetooth Smart modules. The protocol stack is compliant with Bluetooth ver. 4.2 specifications. This module has integrated RF Antenna, crystals, DC/DC inductor to make it easy to be used in the application product without requesting know-how of sensitive circuitry and RF design technics.
  • RFCOM BLE Host Software Development Kit (SDK) is to seamlessly combine RTBTM01 BLE module with Synergy platform. It provides customer a quick BLE connectivity turn-key solution to IoT market needs. RFCOM BLE Host SDK has great advantage on high flexibility to configure BLE profile’s parameters instead of requiring image compilation every time. Few more important features, i.e. random BD address, Beacon are also included. RFCOM is future VSA candidate to ride upon the Synergy Platform wireless framework, which provides modularized design for various standard hardware and software component. End users could quickly integrate in end product solutions. It offers great advantages on shorten time-to-market, ease adaptation and high quality guarantee by pre-qualified BLE module on Synergy platform.
  • RTM3993 is a long-range and small size 900MHz (UHF) reader modem board embedded with STM chip ST25RU3993 following EPC Class 1 Gen 2. RTM3993 offers high sensitivity, while being robust against antenna reflections or self-jamming. This is essential for user where antenna design is challenging and long battery lifetimes are critical. RTM3993 offers a flexible feature set being a market proven solution from the handheld consumer up to the industrial reader space. It supports dual antennas with high output power to reach wide area coverage. This module has integrated STM ST25RU3993 and STM32F030CCT6 to make it easy to use in the application product without requesting know-how of sensitive circuitry and RF design technics. Customer can optionally use two antenna ports on module for end-product development so as to wider the operation range. The embedded firmware is either working with ST25RU3993 Reader Suite or RTBTM01 BLE module (stack version 4.1). In BLE mode, an android demo APPS is available for customer installation.
  • RFCOM Technologies designed and developed LMS-11T luggage tag is widely used in hotel / logistic / healthcare / navigation application where attach to guest’s baggage, removable trolley and other inventories. It is all-round flashing & beeping while it’s being allocated by end users in the application. The QR code users to register the tag in the backend. The build-in encryption and unique Tag ID provide extra security in the deployment. The tag could last operation up to 3 months at one-time charge as well as more than years by adjusting operational interval time. The embedded software and rich hardware features provide users to well fit their application needs. Furthermore its slim and name card size design create numerous solution scenarios which covers hotel, logistic, healthcare, robotic navigation and location tracking system.
  • RTM3993 Interface Board is used for customer evaluate RTM3993 UHF Reader Modem Board performance as well as software development. By configuring proper interface to developing product, customer can easily use RTM3993 to development end product's software and hardware performance.  
  • RTM96 LTE CAT-M1/NB1 modem board is designed with Quectel LTE BG96 Cat.M1/NB1 cellular module. It is able to perform LTE CAT-M1 and NB1 dual mode communication at ultra-low power consumption. RTM96 is powered by Renesas Synergy S5D3 with built-in MQTT/TLS protocol and wireless frameworks designed for the IoT market. RTM96 can enable better / wider coverage for network-connected devices, e.g. Electrical Meter, Environment Monitoring devices and etc. RTM96 LTE CAT-M1/NB1 modem board is not only the best choice of GPRS replacement but also an ideal module for customer to develop their application software in fast time-to-market. The pre-programmed firmware enables customers to directly connect to Synergy Enterprise Cloud Toolbox Dashboard and various on-board  digital & analog interfaces give user extensive flexibility in the choice of sensor connectivity for the application. RTM96 CAT-M1/NB1 modem board has the advantage of compact size, Synergy software solutions and rich interfaces design for IoT market.
  • RFCOM Single-Phase CPX3 PLC module is a high-performance Narrow Band Power Line Communication (NB-PLC) modem Board. It uses Renesas Third Generation Flexible PLC Modem IC "R9A06G037" solution. As default, RFCOM Single-Phase PLC Module is turned with band FCC-150KHz-450KHz. By fine-tuning the components on-board, it can also applicable to Cenelec band Cenelec-A-63kHz. RFCOM Single-Phase CPX3 PLC module offers great advantage over other PLC solutions, i.e. 1) Low power consumption and low noise interference; 2) High memory headroom for future standard evolution and dual route communication; 3) Including certified software stacks with no additional license fees. By using RFCOM CPX3 PLC module together with RFCOM T&H Sensor Board and RFCOM 3-phase PLC Basebaord, it is able to build a system at low cost and early stage. The communication data can be propagated through AC or DC power line. It is effective for wiring saving in building automation [HVAC, (air conditioning), Fire & Safety, building security, lighting] etc.