RFCOM Technology on SMART Dog Tag with NParks

11th October 2023: Improved Traceability of Licensed Pet Dogs NParks.

“How might we improve the traceability of pet dogs for disease investigation and to effectively identify and trace back to their pet owners easily and accurately?”

RFCOM Technologies in collaboration with NParks developed Smart Dog Tag to combat this issue.

The Smart Dog Tag utilizes BLE technology to store vital information about the pet, including its name, medical history and vaccination records. Software development enables simplicity of a user interface with different interface for the owner, veterinarian and public user.

RFCOM’s Smart Dog Tag is designed with durability and convenience in mind. Constructed from robust materials and equipped with a long-lasting battery, the device is built to withstand the rigors of everyday pet life, ensuring reliable performance in any environment. Additionally, its lightweight and compact design make it comfortable for pets to wear, minimizing any discomfort or interference with their daily activities.

RFCOM Technologies’ development of the Smart Dog Tag in collaboration with NParks represents a significant step forward in pet safety and responsible pet ownership. By harnessing the power of BLE technology, this innovative device offers pet owners an invaluable tool for tracking and monitoring their beloved companions, thereby enhancing their safety and well-being.

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RFCOM – Sembcorp 1500W Ballast Water System Driver

15th June 2023: RFCOM successfully delivered Sembcorp Ballast Water System Driver.

Ballast water, often taken onboard ships for stability and balance, can inadvertently transport various organisms across vast distances, posing serious threats to marine ecosystems worldwide.

 To combat this issue, RFCOM Technologies has developed a groundbreaking 1500W Ballast Water System Driver in collaboration with Sembcorp Marine, offering a sustainable and efficient solution to mitigate environmental risks associated with ballast water management. 


One of the key features of RFCOM’s 1500W Ballast Water System Driver is its remarkable compact size, efficiency, scalability and light. With a power rating of 1500W, the system is capable of treating large volumes of ballast water effectively, making it suitable for a wide range of vessel sizes, from small crafts to large ocean liners. This scalability not only enhances its applicability across different maritime operations but also underscores its versatility and adaptability to diverse industry requirements.

RFCOM Technologies’ development of the 1500W Ballast Water System Driver in partnership with Sembcorp Marine marks a significant milestone in the ongoing quest for sustainable ballast water management solutions. Through the 1500W Ballast Water System, this innovative system not only ensures the eradication of invasive species but also sets a new standard for efficiency, scalability, and environmental responsibility within the maritime industry. As the global community continues to prioritize environmental conservation and maritime sustainability, collaborations like this exemplify the transformative potential of technology in safeguarding our oceans for future generations.

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RFCOM (Suzhou) participated in China-Singapore two-way investment signature

15 Oct 2021: RFCOM (Suzhou) participated in the two-way investment (investment signing ceremony) at Shangri-La Hotel, Suzhou on 15th Oct 2021. RFCOM (Suzhou) uses wireless Internet of Things (IoT) technology to invest in a project in Suzhou, China. General Manager KP Wong signed the contract on behalf of the company.

In discussing conference, the leaders of the Chinese and Singaporean governments – Suzhou Municipal Party, Committee Member and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Suzhou Industrial Park, Shen Mi (沈觅), delivered a welcome speech; Dr Koh Poh Koon, Senior Minister of State Affairs of the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Manpower of Singapore, and Vice Chairman of the Singapore-Soviet Cooperation Council; Singapore’s Consul General in Shanghai, Chua Teng Hoe and finally, Wu Qingwen (吴庆文), Deputy Secretary of the Suzhou Municipal Party Committee and Acting Mayor of Suzhou Municipal People’s Government, gave a speech.

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Hotels get lean and mean with machines and job redesign

April 30 2021: The impact of Covid-19 is being felt deeply in our personal, social and profession lives. Inevitably, Covid-19 accelerates digital transformation across every sector, and the hotel industry is the one that adapts such digitalization quickly.

Developed by RFCOM Technologies, Luggage Tracking and Management System is a solution that simplifies the process of storing and retrieving guests’ luggage efficiently. This proven system has benefited many hotels in Singapore and gained its popularity in the hotel industry.

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the Job Redesign Reskilling Programme initiated by Workforce Singapore and hope our system brings out more positive impacts on the hotel industry.

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More hotel workers to receive training under revamped Job Redesign Reskilling Programme

March 17 2021: RFCOM Luggage Tracking and Management System becomes more popularly used in hotel industry. It is recently reported by Channel News Asia (CNA). In the future, we hope to see more hotels adopt this system.

0:20 LMS to check in luggage

1:00 LMS to claim luggage

The deployed Luggage Tracking and Management System is developed by RFCOM Technologies  in Singapore. This proven system improves hotel productivity (FTE) 0.28 & guest satisfaction with faster retrievals of guest luggage. It reduces operation cost through digitization of luggage storage information, which allows hotel to monitor storage trends and optimise resource allocation.

COVID-19 change the whole world affecting every one of us. Thanks to revamped Job Redesign Reskilling Programme. It really helps hotel to hug the new digital era by adopting new technology as like new affordable LMS system.

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RFCOM presenting RTG2837 IoT Gateway

October 22, 2020: RTG2837 IoT Gateway developed by RFCOM Technologies has been launched and used in RFCOM Luggage Tracking & Management System (LMS).

With the new RTG2837 Gateway implemented in LMS, Concierges are able to scan for luggages with E-Tags through LMS Dashboard or handheld devices without being  physically inside the store room, hotel can have further improve on work efficiency by reducing luggage retrieval time and potentially inventory counting.

Besides, RTG2837 IoT Gateway can be integrated into other solution used in industries like hospitality, logistics and inventory tracking application.

For more details in RTG2837 IoT Gateway, please contact us at RFCOM Technologies


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RFCOM Technologies is ISO9001 certified

June 19, 2020: We are pleased to announce that RFCOM Technologies Pte. Ltd. has attained ISO9001 certification in May 2020, Certification No: QMS-2020-095. Our company has been assessed against that scope of work defined for the activities of Design, Development, Installation, Testing, Commissioning, System Integration and Maintenance Support of IOT Solution, as conforming to the requirement of ISO9001: 2015.

ISO9001 certification is a testament of our company’s commitment to quality assurance and dedication to provide products and professional service support in the areas of aerospace, automation, electronics, industrial and hotels.

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RFCOM Luggage Management System deployed in Parkroyal on Kitchener Road

November 26, 2019: RFCOM Luggage Management System has been successfully deployed in Parkroyal on Kitchener Road. The soft launch is coming soon by end of November 2019. During the deployment, we are strongly supported by group management, we hereby special thank hotel IT department and Front Office department for project arrangement.

By using LMS system, hotel improves productivity and efficiency of manpower. More human resource bandwidth could be free-up and take up other jobs. This system allows bellman to quickly locate the luggage in few seconds, auto-assign tasks and generate daily report. The feature of storing luggage photo in backend also makes the operation more traceable than ever.

As a part of the deployment process, RFCOM Technologies conduct the training for the concierge and reception team. The standard LMS SOP enable bellmen to seamless transfer luggage daily handling from traditional way to digitization operation manner.

For more details on the LMS system, please write email to RFCOM Technologies.

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RFCOM Luggage Management System is presented in “MEET THE CONCIERGE”

September 23, 2019: RFCOM Luggage Management System was officially introduced as a key IoT system in Smart Hotel Technologies in film titled “MEET THE CONCIERGE”. This film is recently taken and officially launched by Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) Singapore.

RFCOM LMS system consists of e-Tag, ticket with QR code, handheld device and backend server.

By implementing LMS system, the per luggage retrieval time is reduced from 3 minutes to 1 minute. The estimated productivity improvement 30% to 60%. It achieves FTE saving of 0.28 daily and Time-Saving of 50% overall.

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RFCOM is announced as a Gold partner of Renesas Electronics Corporation

In recent press of Renesas Annual Partner Review Report, RFCOM Technologies Pte Ltd is announced as one of Gold partners in 2018 and 2019. On behalf of Renesas Electronics Corporation, it also states that “… We are convinced that Platinum and Gold partners’ solutions are very attractive to potential customers and fully meet their expectations and would like to contribute to growth and continuous development of mutual success.”.

We look forward to continuous grow business together in IoT products & solutions for the coming years.

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