RFCOM CPX3 PLC Baseboard

///RFCOM CPX3 PLC Baseboard

RFCOM CPX3 PLC Baseboard

RFCOM PLC Baseboard is fully designed to suit both RFCOM PLC CPX3 Single-phase and 3-phase Modem Board. This baseboard provides the required voltage supply to PLC Modem Board as well as the interface expansion to the purpose of CPX3 PLC modem board development, connect peripherals interfaces, e.g. USB, UART. While RFCOM T&H sensor board plugs in the Baseboard via PMOD port, the PLC modem board could be quickly deployed on-site in Building Automation HTAV system.

RFCOM PLC Baseboard is powered by either 220-240VAC or +5VDC. The single AC power supply feature allows user to eliminates the DC power adapter in real deployment. RFCOM PLC Baseboard is able to configure PLC operation +12V/+15V different voltage subject for better Signal-To-Ratio (SNR) enhancement. In addition, the on-board UART-to-USB converter, tester points and PMOD (UART/I2C) connector provides the easy adaptation of various off-the-shelf t sensors in the market.

Product Description


  • Board Connectivity:
    • RFCOM CPX3 Single-phase PLC Modem Board
    • RFCOM CPX3 3-phase PLC Modem Board
    • RFCOM T&H Sensor Board
  • Configurable AC or DC input power
  • Configurable PLC operation voltage
  • USB/UART Interface
  • Test points



  • Board size:            130mm x 80mm
  • Signal interfaces: 1x UART; 1x USB
  • On-board connectors:
    • 1x 3-phase AC Terminal Blocks
    • 1x DC Jack
    • 1x Single-phase female header to RFCOM Single-phase CPX3 PLC Modem Board
    • 1x 3-phase female header to RFCOM 3-phase CPX3 PLC Modem Board
    • 1x dual-row 12-pin female header compatible with RFCOM Single/3-phase CPX3 PLC Modem Board
    • 1x Mini-USB
    • 1x PMOD header
  • On-board jumpers:
    • Several Jumpers for voltage and signal configuration
  • Buttons:                1x Reset Button
  • Operation voltage: 220-240VAC or 5VDC
  • On-board Fully-isolated AC-to-DC module
  • Operation temperature: -35°C to +85°C



  • Industrial and Building Automation HVAC (air conditioning)
  • Environmental Monitoring





Software & Tools:

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RFCOM PLC Baseboard:   RFCOM 3-phase PLC Baseboard

Ordering information:      Please contact local distributors or email to sales@rfcom-tech.com


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