RFCOM 1Phase CPX3 PLC Modem Board

///RFCOM 1Phase CPX3 PLC Modem Board

RFCOM 1Phase CPX3 PLC Modem Board

RFCOM Single-Phase CPX3 PLC module is a high-performance Narrow Band Power Line Communication (NB-PLC) modem Board. It uses Renesas Third Generation Flexible PLC Modem IC “R9A06G037” solution. As default, RFCOM Single-Phase PLC Module is turned with band FCC-150KHz-450KHz. By fine-tuning the components on-board, it can also applicable to Cenelec band Cenelec-A-63kHz.
RFCOM Single-Phase CPX3 PLC module offers great advantage over other PLC solutions, i.e. 1) Low power consumption and low noise interference; 2) High memory headroom for future standard evolution and dual route communication; 3) Including certified software stacks with no additional license fees.
By using RFCOM CPX3 PLC module together with RFCOM T&H Sensor Board and RFCOM 3-phase PLC Basebaord, it is able to build a system at low cost and early stage. The communication data can be propagated through AC or DC power line. It is effective for wiring saving in building automation [HVAC, (air conditioning), Fire & Safety, building security, lighting] etc.

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Product Description


  • Support NB-PLC band:
    o FCC band 150KHz – 450KHz [Default]
    o Cebelec band Cenelec-A-63kHz [Fine-tuning]
  • Support 3-phase AC line
  • Fully-isolated Transformer design
  • Plug and play network management to choose “Best Path” (Full Mesh Support)
  • MAC Layer IEEE 802.15.4-2006
  • Support min. IPv6 / UDP / ICMPv6 function to communicate based on 6LowPAN
  • G3-PLC compliance
  • Interfaces: UART, Single-Phase AC, DC, Ulink Connector



  • Size:                   L 65mm x W 45mm
  • DC Power:       +15VDC & +5VDC input
  • AC Power:         220 -240VAC
  • MCU:                 Renesas CPX3 R9A06G037
  • Software:          Pre-programmed with fixed PANID/EUI
  • Main Connectors:
    • AC: Single Phase – Natural & Line
    • DC: Dual row 2.54mm pitch 12pin header
  • Operation temperature: -35°C to +80°C
  • Storage temperature: -40°C to +85°C



  • Smart electricity metering
  • Industrial alarms & fire alarms for homes & commercial properties
  • Smart city lighting infrastructure
  • Building Automation HVAC (air conditioning) System
  • Environmental Monitoring





Software & Tools:

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RFCOM Single-Phase CPX3 PLC Modem Board

Ordering information:      Please contact local distributors or email to sales@rfcom-tech.com


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