RTBTM01 BLE Module Evaluation Kit

///RTBTM01 BLE Module Evaluation Kit

RTBTM01 BLE Module Evaluation Kit

RTBTM01 Evaluation Kit is used for customer evaluate RTBTM01 BLE module performance as well as software development. By configuring proper interface to developing product, customer can easily use RTBTM01 evaluation kit to development end product’s software and hardware performance.

Product Description

Items inside Package:

  • 1pc x EVB board with RTBTM01 BLE module (RTBTM01-A1-10) mounted
  • 1pc USB-to-UART (I2C) Convertor
  • 1pc x 6pin 2.54mm receptcable
  • 2pc x 9pin 2.54mm DIP connector

Interface description:

  • UART/I2C connect to UART-to-USB Convertor
  • 6-pin female single row header connector
  • 2 x 9-pin male single row header connector
  • Connect to RESG evaluation board by 0.4mm Pitch SMT Board to Board Connectors




Software & Tools:


Ordering Code:

RTBTM01 Evaluation Kit:              RTBTM01 Bluetooth Low Energy Module Evaluation Kit

Ordering information:      Please contact local distributors or email to sales@rfcom-tech.com


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