RTGM0X GPRS Modem Board

////RTGM0X GPRS Modem Board

RTGM0X GPRS Modem Board

Product Profile:

RTGM0X series Universal GPRS Modem Board is able to perform GPRS communications interfacing Backend Server (HES) and user devices i.e. Electrical Meter, Environment Monitoring devices and etc. It has built-in algorithm and programmable parameters to meet various use cases requirement. It provides TCP/IP and UDP protocols and multiple TCP sockets can be configured and established at one time for TCP connections or UDP sockets. With its build in SMTP client, it could simultaneously send device’s data by email. The SMS feature provides another alternative communication path in some applications. Build-in AT Commands & Profiles give user extensively flexibility of parameter’s configuration ability in the application. RTGM0x GPRS Modem Board customizes compact physical slot-in design for Electrical Meter or other devices.

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Product Description


  • GPRS multi-slot Class 8
  • Multiple TCP sockets
  • SMTP/SSL Client
  • SMS is available
  • AT Commands and Profiles
  • Build in RF connectors, 3.3V DC output and external GPIOs



  • Physical Characteristics: L 50mm x W 45mm x H 12mm
  • Connectivity: Support input DC source 4.5V – 16V (12V @ 250mA), SMT RF connector
  • Parameter Configuration: AT Command via UART or Backend Server via GPRS network
  • Environment: Operation temperature: -35°C to +80°C; Storage temperature: -40°C to +85°C




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RTGM0X:             RTGM0x GPRS Modem Board for Electrical Meter


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