RTT7806 Electronic Tag

///RTT7806 Electronic Tag

RTT7806 Electronic Tag

RFCOM Electronic Tag RTT7806 are fully developed by RFCOM Technologies Pte Ltd, used in hotel / hospitality / logistic / inventory tracking application, where tags are attached to guest’s luggage, removable trolley, removal targets and other inventories. It has alert feature with flashing & beeping which can be trigger by concierge or logistic team member in the integrated application.

QR code enable user to register the tag in the backend system where build-in encryption and unique Tag ID provides extra security in the deployment.

Tags can last up to 3 months from a single full charge or longer by adjusting the operation interval time.

The name card sized tag can be easily adapted into solution for wide range of scenario such as hotel, hospitality, logistic, healthcare, robotic navigation and location tracking system.

Product Description


  • Tag color:                         Black
  • Tag sticker colors:            White, Blue, Yellow
  • Size (L x W x T):              106mm x 56mm x 6mm
  • Weight:                             30 gram
  • Operating Frequency:      ISM band – 2.4GHz
  • Operation range:              ~10m @ indoor environment
  • Idle current:                      <150uA @ adv. Interval = 1.5s
  • Charging time:                 15 to 30mins
  • Operation duration:          6 months per charge
  • Battery lifespan:               Up to 10 years
  • Operation temperature:    -20 ~ 55℃
  • Storage temperature:       -5 ~ 35℃
  • Charging Life Cycle:         >500 times



  • Hotel Luggage Management System
  • Inventory Tracking System
  • Healthcare Application
  • Beacons, Tags
  • Logistics




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