15th June 2023: RFCOM successfully delivered Sembcorp Ballast Water System Driver.

Ballast water, often taken onboard ships for stability and balance, can inadvertently transport various organisms across vast distances, posing serious threats to marine ecosystems worldwide.

 To combat this issue, RFCOM Technologies has developed a groundbreaking 1500W Ballast Water System Driver in collaboration with Sembcorp Marine, offering a sustainable and efficient solution to mitigate environmental risks associated with ballast water management. 


One of the key features of RFCOM’s 1500W Ballast Water System Driver is its remarkable compact size, efficiency, scalability and light. With a power rating of 1500W, the system is capable of treating large volumes of ballast water effectively, making it suitable for a wide range of vessel sizes, from small crafts to large ocean liners. This scalability not only enhances its applicability across different maritime operations but also underscores its versatility and adaptability to diverse industry requirements.

RFCOM Technologies’ development of the 1500W Ballast Water System Driver in partnership with Sembcorp Marine marks a significant milestone in the ongoing quest for sustainable ballast water management solutions. Through the 1500W Ballast Water System, this innovative system not only ensures the eradication of invasive species but also sets a new standard for efficiency, scalability, and environmental responsibility within the maritime industry. As the global community continues to prioritize environmental conservation and maritime sustainability, collaborations like this exemplify the transformative potential of technology in safeguarding our oceans for future generations.