UHF Reader Modem/Module Products

  • RTM3993 Interface Board is used for customer evaluate RTM3993 UHF Reader Modem Board performance as well as software development. By configuring proper interface to developing product, customer can easily use RTM3993 to development end product's software and hardware performance.  
  • RTM3993 is a long-range and small size 900MHz (UHF) reader modem board embedded with STM chip ST25RU3993 following EPC Class 1 Gen 2. RTM3993 offers high sensitivity, while being robust against antenna reflections or self-jamming. This is essential for user where antenna design is challenging and long battery lifetimes are critical. RTM3993 offers a flexible feature set being a market proven solution from the handheld consumer up to the industrial reader space. It supports dual antennas with high output power to reach wide area coverage. This module has integrated STM ST25RU3993 and STM32F030CCT6 to make it easy to use in the application product without requesting know-how of sensitive circuitry and RF design technics. Customer can optionally use two antenna ports on module for end-product development so as to wider the operation range. The embedded firmware is either working with ST25RU3993 Reader Suite or RTBTM01 BLE module (stack version 4.1). In BLE mode, an android demo APPS is available for customer installation.